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A Musical Collaboration

Brass Pocket is a high energy, 9 piece, dance/party band, made up of extremely talented and seasoned professional musicians from Berks, Chester, and Montgomery Counties.


Formed in 2018, Brass Pocket has literally taken the big band music scene by storm, with their “Monster Set List” featuring music from Chicago, Earth Wind & Fire, and Blood Sweat & Tears across the pendulum to Pink, Amy Winehouse, Justin Timberlake, and Bruno Mars. Brass Pocket boasts a top notch lead vocal duo, often ranging into music with 3, 4, and 5 part harmonies, showing off the depth of this band’s diverse abilities.


Brass Pocket is truly a band for all ages, playing area Casino’s, Weddings, Private  Corporate Events, and all types of live music venues across the Delaware Valley, and from The Chesapeake Bay to the Jersey Shore!





Sandy Roeder delivers the blues


Brass Pocket covers Its Alright at the Whitpain Tavern 5/25/18


Brass Pocket covers Crazy In Love at the Whitpain Tavern 5/25/18


Brass Pocket covers Disco Inferno at the Whitpain Tavern 5/25/18



One of the hottest bands around.

Always tons of fun, you won't be disappointed!

Brian Lutz

Owner - The Creekside Inn - Royersford PA.

We hired Brass Pocket to Play our wedding, best decision by far.

These guys are fun, energetic, and get the crowd moving.

Perfect for our special day.

Steven and Barbara Loper

Bride and Groom

Brass Pocket is a great band and always brings a great crowd.

Bud Craven

Owner - Lee's Landing.

You guys were a BIG HIT! Definitely would like to book you guys again.

Dan Bendetti

Director of Marketing - Galen Hall Golf Club.

Brass Pocket is an exceptional group that is promised to entertain all ages! Klinger’s at the Airport welcomes them with open arms to preform and pack the house for hours of entertainment. Playing great music to relax with friends after a long week or a fantastic night out for drinks and dancing. Brass Pocket is definitely one of our favorite bands to host!!!

Kyla Martinez

Director of Operations - Klinger's Pubs





Born in 1967, in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, and raised in Ambler, Montgomery County, Pa., David was brought up in a musical and an artistic family, taking piano lessons from his Grandfather Ralph, at a very young age, and then performing in his Aunt Cindy’s dance recitals as a mini Elvis Presley, before the age of 10. David gravitated toward playing the Alto Saxophone in primary and middle school, and then became a music major in senior high, finishing off his high school music career with his first vocal performance at his Senior Class Show. David went on sing, and win, several music and voice competitions throughout his 20’s and 30’s, taking professional voice lessons from area professionals, and ultimately cutting a demo for Sony music.

That project never got legs, but in 2006, David was asked to join Reading Pennsylvania based Coco & The Grandfather’s of Funk. The arrival of his middle daughter later that year, put the brakes on moving forward with Coco, but in 2014, David was asked to try out for a Reading Pennsylvania, start up Rock & Roll cover band called Flight Risk. Flight Risk immediately tested their skills at a Battle Of The Bands competition in Montgomery County, Pa., beating 16 bands from the tri-state area. In 2015, reigning champs Flight Risk, returned and won that same Battle Of The Bands competition, becoming the only area cover band to beat 32 bands, in a two year period. Flight Risk became a popular fixture on the cover band scene in Pennsylvania & Maryland from 2014 through 2017.

In 2018, David was offered a spot, as first male vocalist, with Reading Pa. based horn/party band, BRASS POCKET, who have quickly established themselves as one of the top cover bands on southeastern Pa.




Sandy hails from Berks County, Pa.. She is a first grade teacher at Schuylkill Valley Elementary School, by day, and by night, she can be found performing around Berks County. She has been singing and performing publicly for the past 15 years. She is best known, in the area, for her duo, OBSESSION, with her fellow S.V. teacher and longtime friend, Mary Ellen Kummerer. They have performed at most of the bars and restaurants in the Berks County area for the past 13 years. Their claim to fame is their superior harmonies and song selection, which is an eclectic mix of popular favorites from the 70s to current. She also has a solo act in local restaurants, SOUNDS BY SANDY, using her own recorded backup vocals to provide lovely ballads and soft rock for dinner guests.


Sandy had a love for music from a very early age. She began taking organ and piano lessons at the age of 7, and continued lessons throughout high school. Her father fostered her love for music. He was a very talented accordion player. He took Sandy for her weekly lessons and they would spend hours weekly, playing their instruments, together.


Sandy has won several karaoke and live music competitions in the area. In 2006, she was first runner up in the Riverfest Berks County American Idol Competition. Other bands that Sandy has performed in are DOUBLE EXPOSURE (also with OBSESSION buddy, MaryEllen Kummerer), SAMMY G & THE SOUND, and most recently COCO & THE GRANDFATHERS OF FUNK, along with BRASS POCKET bandmate, Sam Geddio.


Sandy is a very versatile singer, and enjoys singing all genres of music from disco, to country, to rock and pop. She enjoys the rush of singing in front of a live audience, but most of all it gives her much happiness to be able to bring joy to others by doing something that she absolutely loves.




"Well you are not a cowboy and you can't sing" was Sam’s mother’s response to asking to play the guitar. So he started on the accordion (Like all the other Italian boys).  After five years on the accordion and a break for sports, Sam got the itch to play again but this time it was the Saxophone (because you know, the Sax is cool).  Sam earned the money for his first sax himself.  He bought a Selmer Bundy and just four lessons later, he was playing on stage with the Fabulous Originals. The Originals played high school dances and proms but had the honor of being the opening act for a bill that included The Crystals, The Marvelettes, and many other big name bands of the 60's.  When Sam joined The Incredible Showman they were the hottest band in Reading at the time.  The Showman were a regular opening act for The Magnificent Men from Harrisburg (the first white group to play the Apollo). Rumor has it that they were outshining the top of the bill act.

A 30 year break to raise a family and build a business as a custom home builder took Sam off the touring circuit.  Then one Father’s day his grown children presented him with a big box.  Knowing Sam’s love of music and performing, they had gotten together and purchased him a Saxophone.  One month later, he was in a band - CoCo and The Grandfathers of Funk!  After 15 years with CoCo, it was time to build something new. With three musicians and a female singer from CoCo He filled out the new band with top quality people and named the group Brass Pocket.  “Without a doubt, this is the finest group I have ever had the pleasure to play with” Sam says when describing Brass Pocket. “The future for this group is big. The singers are the best in this area. The rhythm section is second to none. The horn section is screaming.”




While exploring in his grandfather's attic, a young Ken found his father's old trombone.  The rest, as they say, is history.... 50 years later, he is still playing.   And he is going to keep playing until he finally gets it right!

Ken recently retired from a 37 year career as a music educator and has played trombone and tuba in most styles of music including big bands, jazz combos, classical orchestras, musical pits, concert bands, and chamber ensembles.  One kind of music he never had a chance to play was the pop/rock/dance genre. So when Brass Pocket called and asked if he wanted to join, he jumped at the chance.

Gary Bio Pic.jpeg



Gary was born and raised in Lancaster and now lives in Mechanicsburg.  When he was in second grade, his father handed him a trumpet.  As his father was a gifted musician, in 4th grade Gary decided he would never be as good as his father and made a 180 degree turn by choosing to play the Oboe.  From there he picked up the saxophone, clarinet, flute and bassoon.  He graduated from West Chester State College with a music education degree, majoring in Oboe and English horn.   


His first professional gig in was in 1971, at the age of 12 and has since played over 500 shows, including many of the musicals at the Ephrata Performing Arts Center (EPAC) where he was also music director for a time.  He has conducted the Rohrerstown Community Band since 1996 and also directs the Big, Big, Jazz Band, a Lancaster swing band that he grew up with as his father played trumpet with them.   

Additional ensembles have Gary playing Tuba in The Happy Wanderers, a German Octoberfest quartet; The Dixie Landers for private events, and you may see him in the occasional wedding or jazz trios and you could see him playing Broadway shows.   

He is having a great time playing with Brass Pocket.




Bio from The Professor himself....

Hey all, glad you came here to check out my bio.  At this point in my life I’m devoting most of my time to playing keyboards of all types, including piano, organ and synthesizer.  I’ve been playing piano since I was 5, and have been playing in bands since I was a freshman in High School.  I was inspired to play by my parents and my grandmother, as all of them loved to play and sing, especially at gatherings of family and friends.  My mother and grandmother both played piano and my father played guitar.  Mom and grandmom taught me the basics of piano early on, and from there, the love of music and the instrument carried me through learning the rest on my own.  Essentially, I’m self-taught but can read music well and pick up by just listening, a ‘good ear’ as they say.

Playing in bands, mostly rock and pop cover music, has been part of my life ever since High School, and somewhere back in the 80s and 90s I started writing, performing and recording original music.  Many of the bands, too numerous to mention here, have long faded into obscurity but have refined my performance skills and stoked the desire to play with others and entertain.  Performance venues have ranged from in and around the Philly area to New York and Maryland, in all types of clubs and bars, wedding venues, and corporate and private party venues.  A private party on the Battleship New Jersey was particularly memorable, but there are many others with stories of their own to be told.

My musical influences are many, as I enjoy listening to all types of music from classical, to jazz, from hip-hop to Latin, and so on…  Some key influences:  Dr. John, Chuck Level, Ian Stewart, Don Fagen, Bruce Hornsby, Elton John, Billie Joel, Randy Newman, Max Middleton, Steveland Morris, Albert Ammons, Scott Joplin, L v. Beethoven.

I started my journey in bands at the age of 14 in the band “Eclipse” (yeah… we were bad ass), and today I continue my musical life and adventure as keyboardist with Brass Pocket drawing on all past experiences to bring the audience’s experience alive and their feet moving.

Ciao y’all




Dave’s musical journey began in 4th grade when he picked up the trumpet and joined the band. Playing trumpet all through school and performing with the schools top jazz band, he won multiple awards. After high school, Dave decided to pursue a music career and enrolled in West Chester university for music education as a trumpet major. Taking the 1st chair seat in the Criterion’s ( West Chester University top travel jazz band ) he toured and had the privilege to play with some of the areas top musicians.

In 1991, Dave graduated from West Chester University with a degree in music. He was asked to join one of the top horn bands in the area at the time called Burning House. He played Trumpet with Burning House for 16 years playing all over the tri-state area and had the privilege to open up for many national acts including. Lonestar, Sara Evans, and Brad Paisley to name of few.

Around 2007 Dave had the itch to rock a little bit so he decided to move over to guitar ( which he was already proficient at) and start his own band. His band Musical Chaos played locally for years and developed quite the following. He continued to rock with local bands Delirium and Stir Crazy.

This brings us to 2020 when Dave decided he missed the sound of a big horn band  and the powerful songs they can perform. When an opening presented itself with one of the areas hottest bands Brass Pocket, he jumped at the opportunity to get back to his roots. This time laying down the guitar parts instead of playing in the horn section. He looks forward to many years of performing music. And enjoys helping people escape the stress of their daily lives while they dance and enjoy the show.

Dave has over 30 years of performance experience and 15 years teaching experience. Besides sharing the stage with national acts, he is also very proud to have been inducted into the Berks County Rock N Roll Hall of Fame.




Percussionist, Duane Schneck was born and raised in western Berks County.  His interest in drums began at age 15. He and two friends would watch his brother’s band practice in their basement and decided to start their own three-piece band. 

You could say drums were a perfect fit because forty years later; he has played his Yamahas in the backline and even fronted a time or two in popular Berks County bands.  Rock drummer in Captive, Senate, Judgement Day and The Groove Dawgs.  Duane spent 18 years as the versatile drummer with multi-genre Groove Dawgs playing venues in Berks, Lancaster and Dauphin counties. In 2006, the band was honored with a Best in Berks title. The Groove Dawgs and its members were also honored to be inducted into the Berks County Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 2017.

When his schedule allowed, he could be found sitting in with various Berks County bands such as Better Than Nothing, MisBehavin and Brass Pocket which has now become his permanent home.  He recently had the pleasure of joining the top-notch talents of Brass Pocket and is looking forward to playing some awesome venues with them.  Trust me they will blow you away! (It is a horn band after all)

As for a particular musical influence, there is not one as much as a culmination of the best and a respect and appreciation for all genres.  That respect is what drives his long career of striving to make every performance his best.




Lefty Bassist Terry O’Boyle hails from Berks County, PA and has been playing bass on Stage since he was 15. Terry’s introduction to the bass was happenstance. One long summer, a bored bunch of kids decided to start a band. They each picked an instrument and went off to beg their parents to help them get the guitars, drums, keys and amps they needed. The bass was the only one left when they got to Terry. After that, he never looked back.

Terry prides himself at being a versatile player; stepping up to play whatever style is needed for a given song and/or venue. Rock, Blues, Funk, Jazz, Worship, Progressive, etc.. His musical influences include many bass-heroes; everyone from Chris Squire and Geddy Lee, to Louis Johnson, Jaco Pastorius, and Marcus Miller. Besides Playing with Brass Pocket, Terry is currently working on several recording projects and often sits in with local bands.

Oh, and ask Terry about his custom Lewis Basses.




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610-656-9427 (Dave)

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